2016 Lakeside Street Guitar Showcase dates:

The Lakeside Street Classical Guitar Showcase events continue into 2016! To avoid conflicts with other standing bookings at Lakeside, we unfortunately won't have the same, consistent, every-other-week rhythm all year that we've enjoyed in the past, but they're still on Friday and we still have two of them most months. We've learned through experience that competing with another event in the other room doesn't work well for either event, so please note the following dates and mark your calendars! Please "like" our public Facebook page, watch this space for future updates, and sign up for our mailing list.

Jan 8 / 22
Feb 5 / 19
Mar 11 / 25
April 8 / 22
May - NONE
June 3 / 17
July 15 / 29
Aug 12 / 26
Sept 9 / 23
Oct 14 / 28
Nov 11
Dec 16 / 30

About the Classical Guitar Showcase:
The Madison Classical Guitar Society (MCGS) hosts a night of member performances "open mic style" on select Fridays. These events give our members a chance to get some practice playing some beautiful music in public, and gives the community a chance to hear some truly great performances. Lakeside Street has great selection of beer, wine, food. This is NOT your normal open mic! There is so much talent at these shows! The performers start at 7.

402 W. Lakeside Street
Madison, WI 53715