Looking for a talented, professional classical guitarist?
The MCGS does not handle direct booking for individual artists. However, the following is a listing of MCGS members available for public or private performances. Many of our members also give lessons.

Steve Waugh - Performance and Lessons
(608) 395-5906

Tom Nauman - Performance
(608) 279-0555

Christopher Allen - Performance and Lessons
(608) 630-7374

Gábor Szarvas - Performance and Lessons
(608) 469-2216

Miles McConnell - Performance and Lessons
(321) 289-1589

Jeff Larsen - Performance and Lessons
(608) 236-0468

Jack Beyler - Performance and Lessons
(608) 212-2425

Joe Sokolinsky - Performance and Lessons

If you're an MCGS member and would like your information listed here, please email