The Madison Classical Guitar Society (MCGS) is a 501c3 non-profit organization dedicated to expanding music education and awareness by sharing the rich musical history of the guitar. We host several performance events like concerts and masterclasses with guest artists as well as hosting a guitar ensemble program for members. The "Classical Guitar Showcase" events at Lakeside Street Coffeehouse on select Fridays give our members and their students an opportunity to perform in public in front of what has grown to be a very respectful and attentive audience, building confidence and experience for those who perform, and inspiring others in the process. The repertoire played by our members ranges across the entire history of the instrument -- from Renaissance and early music, right through to works by contemporary composers -- from baroque to bossa-nova.

MCGS was re-registered in 2014 and picked up where a previous, long dormant incarnation had left off.  There are currently about 60 members in the group consisting of players and enthusiasts alike.

All organizational aspects of the Madison Classical Guitar Society are coordinated and executed by the board of directors and other officers. Please contact one of the following for more information and we’ll be sure to introduce you to the right person to address your question or request. Alternatively, please use the form below.

Christopher Allen – President
(608) 630-7374

Tom Nauman – Vice President
(608) 279-0555

Peyton Engel – Secretary

David Flanders – Treasurer

Andrew Putney - Officer

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