"Classical Guitar Showcase" schedule 2018

These are the dates for the Showcase at Lakeside Street.  Thanks again to Kate and the staff at Lakeside for making us feel welcome!  

Masterclass with Adam Holzman

Location: 2526 Monroe St, Madison, WI 53711, USA

MCGS will be sponsoring a FREE masterclass with Mr. Holzman at the Monroe Street Arts Center on Saturday, April 15th from 6-9! This will be free for MCGS members who wish to perform and get feedback from a master, as well as those who just want to come and watch. So finish up those taxes early and make sure to come!

If you've never been to a masterclass before, they are a unique look into the discipline and interpretive artistry behind a virtuoso's process. If you'd like to perform a piece and get some truly world-class tips to help you improve, this is your chance. If you'd just like to attend and soak it all in, you're sure to walk away with new insights and inspiration.

If you're interested in playing a piece for this event, please contact Christopher Allen (crallen1@madisoncollege.edu) to make sure you're on the schedule. We're actively looking for players and students to perform, so please sign up and take advantage of this rare offering of a free session with a master. No reservation required to simply attend and audit. Donations are appreciated, as always, to allow us to continue to offer events like these.

For more information, please visit our public Facebook page and follow this event.

2017 Schedule for Lakeside Street Coffee Guitar Showcase Nights

Please see below for the full 2017 schedule of our Guitar Showcase nights at Lakeside Street Coffee House.  These events are held on select Fridays and typically feature performances from 8-10 members and students.  This free and family-friendly event has steadily grown in popularity and has truly taken on a life of its own.  Thanks to all who have attended and a warm welcome to all of you interested in making your first visit this year!

Lakeside Street Coffee House has food and coffee drinks available from the cafe room, and the "front room" serves wine and an impressive selection of local craft beers.