Casual Club

Location: 7861 Twinflower Drive, Madison, WI 53719, USA

Tom Nauman will be hosting the next session of the Casual Club at his home on Friday, May 8th starting at 7:00p. BYOB BYOG

These will be a series of privately hosted (non-public) events aimed at playing guitar together. We'd like to give those who are maybe a little nervous or don't feel that they're quite ready for the public spotlight a chance to work through some pieces (or parts of pieces) and to get advice and support from the group. That said, we can make these casual, members-only events anything we want them to be. Want to sight-read some quartets? We can have a night for that. Want some pointers on what to look for when you're shopping for a guitar? We can do that to. The point is that we'd like these to be about our members and making music and talking shop in a welcoming environment.